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  • Rosas Rojas

    They are the symbol of love, especially lovers

    They choose them to give them to their partner to which

    Also can be given to a friend like ours of respect.

    This color is not only a symbol of love, a simple friend

    You can send them to the beauty and praise

    To the respect that unites them.

    This color is one of the most exciting and passionate in a rose.

  • Pink Roses

    You want to thank an important favor,

    The appreciation you have for someone.

    This color carries in its meaning the absence

    Of bone malice that does not carry any

    Double intention in the person who

    It gives you and therefore this

    Person is of flower.

  • White Roses

    It is the symbol of purity and innocence. It is the color chosen by all brides for their bouquets, because that means they last a lifetime, white roses are also linked to love.

    A person who gives white roses wants to show that he expects a solid future with her, means pure love, happy and forever. It is also used when a person close to you is sick because it is shown that you are aware of it.

  • Yellow Roses

    This color is the ideal gift for a teenager. The yellow roses mean satisfaction and joy, are a good way among friends to celebrate a birthday or something significant.

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Showing 1 - 11 of 11 items